Battlegrounds Timer Too Short

I’ve been getting screwed over in the Battlegrounds in the later stages due to lack of time. I just recently lost because all of the effects going off every time I sold a minion and refreshed a tavern tier. I was running Elementals and I would buy an Elemental, play it, effect would go off and take like 5-10 seconds, sell it and refresh the tier. When an Elemental showed up in the new list it would get buffed due to an Elemental I had that said “whenever you play an Elemental, Elementals in Bob’s Tavern have +1/+1 for the rest of the game”. Then on top of that in the same turn I made a minion Gold, and then I tried to use my hero power, which was to guess which player would win their next combat and gain 3 gold. I didn’t want to guess randomly, so I looked at what minion type they had, their win streak and their tavern tier to make an educated guess. The game guessed for me on my hero power, and didn’t let me use my free discover a minion card, and as a result I was short a minion or two with atleast 6 gold left over. I didn’t have time to replace the guys I was missing and ended up losing to a guy who already died.

I think the timer is fine, the card effects however really really need to be optimized to be quicker, especially when there are multiple buffers going off at once, they should just add the stats at once without requiring a visual. Most gaming companies by now should be aware players prefer optimization over flashy visuals.

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