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October has snuck up and scared us!

Don’t worry, we’ve got CBD for that. Today only take 30% off sitewide for wholesalers, retailers, and everyone who loves to Bhang, monsters, spiders, pumpkins, and all fall flavors.

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Want some spooky chocolate?

Image of CBD Milk Chocolate 250 mg

Image of CBD Dark Chocolate 250 mg

Tawny B. said (about the 125-mg Milk Chocolate):

“Excellent CBD chocolates”

“Honestly with trying these CBD edibles the full spectrum CBD milk chocolate bar is absolutely amazing. They are the best CBD edibles I’ve ever had… Thankyou”

Need some punchy gummies?

Image of CBD Gummies - Watermelon

Image of CBD Gummies - Cherry Bomb

Gary J. said (about the CBD Cherry Gummies)

“My Favorite Gummies

“The trouble is everyone else in my house loves them too, so I can’t keep them in the house. They just seem to disappear.”



Fall into some isolate?



Offer: Today only – use code AUTUMN and save 30% on storewide, including all the cool Bhang CBD chocolates, gummies, and isolate you can fit in your cart. No gift cards.

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