Need expert advice

I’m (42M) looking to make the switch from alcohol to pot. The problem is everytime I smoke pot I get paranoid. I had heard it could be the sativa causing this, so now that strain specific pot is available I got some indica edibles, and a indica pre-rolled at 20% THC. I was slightly uneasy on 7.5 mgs of the edible. I took a big rip off the pre rolled, and the anxiety was heavy. So I’m wondering if I should try sativa? In my research I’ve seen that cbd/thc mixes are good, but I also see that the CBD basically kills the THCs ability to give you any high, so what would be the point? The reality is this shit isn’t cheap, and I’m hoping someone can guide me to the correct strain, or blend of strains. It’s important to note that I want to get high, but I just want to avoid the paranoia.

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