Breaking Down The Markets Using My 5 Global Outlook Indicators

This past week, we are in a “buy the ‘bad’ news” mindset… let me explain.

And it all started with POTUS coming down with the virus and being rushed to the hospital combined with the cutting of another round of economic stimulus.

Then seemingly overnight, the markets turned around and screamed higher for two consecutive days!

And it caught a lot of people off guard where they were left scrambling as they watched their put options getting taken out to the woodshed.

But I wasn’t one of them!

Instead, my global outlook indicators spotted this head-fake and told me that the markets were looking for a place to rally.

And that’s exactly what happened!

The markets took off and never looked back

[So today, I want to walk you through how these indicators helped me “predict” the markets move higher and how it’s helped me to win 9 out of 10 trades this year.]

All using just a single strategy!

Revealed: The 5 Indicators I Use Every Day

Technical analysis is a tool used by traders to time and predict the direction of the markets.

And if used correctly, a trader could pull down massive returns in a few minutes of trading!

So… in order to successfully achieve these high returns, I have combined a set of indicators that can pinpoint explosive moves in the SPY!

So why did I decide to choose to trade call options before the market even made its move higher?

Let me explain…

The Global Outlook

Before I even wake up, most of the world is already finished trading

And at this point TRILLIONS of dollars were already traded in the global markets along with manufacturing and other industrial services completed by major businesses worldwide.

And what I look for in my pre market analysis is where the markets are heading and how much are they moving

The 5 Global Indicators in the pre market analysis

World Markets

Crude Oil




Now let’s break down each one of these 5 global indicators and review the pre market trading session.

World Markets

The first thing I look at is the two world heatmaps, the grid from Finviz, and the global heatmap from CNBC.

Let’s take a look at what these showed me going into the trading day.

Source: Finviz

And here is the global heatmap

Source: CNBC

You see, just by quickly glancing at these two charts you can get an understanding of what the markets are doing for the day ahead.

Crude Oil

Crude oil is one of the primary sources of energy for the entire global market.

And Crude oil is used in gasoline, electricity, and manufacturing of consumer goods.

That means it could be one of the only commodities that are in constant demand around the clock.

Since the global markets never sleep, something is almost always going to be demanding oil around the clock.

This includes transportation, shipping, and travel.

The bottom line… The more goods that are traveling around the world, the more we need oil to power out.

Doctor Copper

Doctor Copper is one of the most important materials when it comes to the economy and manufacturing.

But what is “Doctor Copper”, and where did it get its name from?

The term Doctor Copper is market lingo for a base metal that is considered to have a “Ph.D. in economics”. This comes from its ability to predict turning points in the global economy.

Because of copper’s widespread applications in most sectors of the economy — from homes and factories to electronics and power generation and transmission — demand for copper is often viewed as a reliable leading indicator of economic health.

This demand is reflected in the market price of copper!

And that’s why I always make sure to follow this metal in my pre market research

When copper goes up or down, what does this mean?

Generally, rising copper prices suggest strong copper demand and, hence, a growing global economy

When copper prices decline it may indicate sluggish demand and an imminent economic slowdown.

VIX Volatility Index

The VIX is known as “the fear index” of the markets.

When the VIX goes up, the markets are fearful of a decline in the near future.

… and if the VIX goes down, the markets are comfortable with the trend and look to head higher.

Main points about the VIX:

Generally, rising copper prices suggest strong copper demand and, hence, a growing global economy

When copper prices decline it may indicate sluggish demand and an imminent economic slowdown.

Global Currencies

The Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen are two of my favorite currencies to use as a market sentiment gauge.

Why is this?

Because if investors are fearful, they will flock into a safe-haven currency like the Japanese Yen

And if investors are not fearful, investors will head into assets that can generate additional income for them, such as the Australian Dollar.

Trading The Markets Higher

So now let’s take a look at how I used this information to trade the SPY’s for huge 40% gains today.

Source: Finviz

And let’s take a look at the global markets…

Source: CNBC

So what does this show me?

Well it shows that we are looking at a positive market when we go through the global checklist.

And this means we get a score for the Premarket Market Sentiment Gauge of a “+1” score.

Now lets look at the premarket trading session.

Source: Thinkorswim

And by looking at the pre market session, we are trending in a tight channel higher throughout the morning, and it seems to be pointing to higher markets in the day ahead.

Now let’s break down the rest of the pre market session.

This is the report I sent to all my members in the morning ahead of trading.

“Today our futures are all green. The markets in Asia are all green except China and those in Europe are all green. Oil is up this morning and the VIX has gone down. We are a clear risk-on look today in our currency line up as the Japanese Yen is in the back of the one-day relative performance index while the common dollars are in front. The longer-term charts show the SPY closed above the 21 moving averages on the daily as well as above the 5 and 8 exponential moving lines. In the pre-market, the SPY is about $1.50 above where it closed yesterday sitting at 342.15.”

And I then provide a macro-level analysis to what I see in the markets as an economic report to my members.

In the news this morning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and treasury secretary Steve mnuchin continue to negotiate stimulus relief for the American people but in pieces rather than as a whole. This restored hope continues to push the markets higher but this morning we have jobless claims to content with again. These jobless claims will be without California as they have stopped reporting these numbers due to a backlog in requests and investigation into potential fraud. European stocks continue to extend their gains while coronavirus infections continue to surge on the European continent. Yesterday there was a surprise drawdown in US gasoline stocks which could signal a possible uptick in domestic oil demand, as a result, we’re seeing oil prices edged higher.”

And then when I get my pre market review out to my members, I provide my Trade of Day information.

And every morning, subscribers get an email about how I plan on trading the markets for the day ahead.

So this way you learn exactly what I’m doing in my pre market research and how I plan to trade the markets every day.

And want to know how I did?

Well, for a day that had very little intraday movement… my options were able to land a smooth 18% ROI in just a few short hours!

When I was just starting off, I noticed right away that I couldn’t focus on what I needed to be a successful trader with so much noise and clutter in the markets.
And like many new traders, I got distracted by things that just didn’t matter.

Finally, I was fed up with this mess, dumped out my trading drawer and started over to create a new system that was centered around my core beliefs

a simplistic trading system based around a single symbol using only a handful of indicators.

I want to show you my powerful new trading strategy that was designed to help me declutter and organize my trading.

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