For me he is sick. Indeed sick

“It’s a shock for me too,” says Markus Krampe, long-time friend and manager yesterday (October 8, 2020) in Oliver (42) and Amira Pochers (28) show “Pocher – dangerously honest”. A few hours earlier, his client gave Michael Wendler (48) made a statement that he was a juror at “Germany seeks the superstar“gets out and at the same time Germany turns its back and stays in the USA. His statements are confused, because he – so it seems – does not believe in the corona pandemic.

Michael Wendler: Manager Markus Krampe: "For me he is sick. In fact sick"

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Michael Wendler: Manager Markus Krampe: “For me he is sick. In fact sick”

In the video above you can see Michael Wendler’s statement about his departure from the RTL casting show DSDS.

Michael Wendler’s management: “Everything went perfectly”

Michael Wendler & Laura Müller: After the DSDS scandal: This commercial is on everyone’s lips

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Wendler pulls the emergency brake for himself and shocked fans, media and above all his team are left behind. Markus Krampe accompanied him at the height of his career. Back then, before the jungle camp and now too. As he sits on Pocher’s live broadcast, he struggles to keep his composure. Close-ups show that the otherwise tough businessman has tears in his eyes. He recounts the last few weeks of working with the music star: “It became apparent over a longer period of time. We had our shows together, and everything was relatively relaxed. But then things got bigger and bigger, programs, advertising deals, that then led to participation in DSDS – that was the highlight. Everything went perfectly. Everyone knows that Michael Wendler has financial problems, of a tax nature. Everything was planned in such a way that everything would be done in this direction by the end of this year. ” Krampe was always by Wendler’s side, even when tax debts and Co. made the headlines again. He is appalled about the departure of his client and friend from the RTL casting show.

Michael Wendler & Laura Müller: You said yes! And that is her wedding dress

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Wendler is said to have received a proud little sum for the commercial for “Kaufland” – is this also gone? In the video below you can see the clip, which has now been taken offline, and find out what amount he was allowed to take home:

Michael Wendler: This is how he announces his DSDS-off

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Contract terminated, career ended?

“In the last two hours I have had about 15 lawyers on the line nationwide, including the RTL lawyers, which dissolve all contracts and end Michael Wendler’s career with immediate effect“, so Krampe. A few weeks ago he was said to have noticed that the musician’s Corona statements were becoming more and more radical. When shooting the” Kaufland “clip, he had already advised the whole team to remove the masks. Nonsense “.

Markus Krampe is also shocked by Wendler’s statements

Krampe worries about his friend. “You always laugh when you hear Michael Wendler, because it’s always so funny. But for me he’s sick. In fact, sick. He just called me when he called the thing (Anm. d. Red.: Instagramstory) uploaded. It sounded like a phone call from someone who never calls anywhere again. He said, ‘So watch out, I’m finishing my career now. I will never come to Germany again. We will all die, I want to die as a hero. ‘”He is said to have instructed Krampe to come to the USA, only there you are safe.

A few months ago, Wendler gave his Laura the yes. In the following video you can see in which dress she breathed a loving “I do” into her Micha’s ear:

The ex-DSDS juror should get professional help

How did it get so far that Wendler suddenly made such a change? Krampe is shocked by many statements, including that Wendler probably spoke to Attila Hildmann on the phone recently. The vegan chef has been known for months for protesting against Corona in front of the Reichstag building. “It’s not about business for me at all. I would say that we are friends in private. It’s a human tragedy,” said Krampe with red eyes. He’s battered. “I have always said that Michael Wendler is a topic that can be dangerous in both directions. I knew what I was getting myself into. I am far from being human. I don’t want to destroy him. I want to help him to get professional help. “

True love between Wendler and Laura Müller

As Pocher him on the relationship Laura Müller (20), Krampe finds only nice words. “Laura and Wendler are a duo that works for large companies. If he had continued to work until next year, with DSDS and so, he never had to worry again. Michael and Laura are together day and night. I think she’ll listen to that. He also has a rousing nature. But I don’t think she shares a lot like him, so blatantly. But of course they are a couple, they are married. She will stick with him. “Even during Wendler’s tirades against social media and co., His wife still posted on Instagram. After that, however, it became quiet about the two of them.

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