Top10 increase / decrease in week 12-16: MSN and CTG continue to sublimate, do DBC have …

On October 12-16, MSN and CTG continued to lead the market and gained strongly on HOSE, while DBC and CTD were negative. On the HNX, C69 showed signs of returning to the “starting line” after rising hot in September.

The stock market last week (October 12-16) prospered with the VN-Index surpassing 940 points. Closing the last session of the week, VN-Index stopped at 943.3 points, equivalent to an increase of 2.09% while the HNX-Index increased by 2.13% to 139.82 points compared to the previous week.

Blue-chips MSN and CTG continued to sublimate

However, the trend of declining stocks still prevails on the HOSE. Specifically, this floor recorded 235 decliners, overwhelming 170 gainers and 68 unchanged stocks.

After leading the top losers on HOSE last week, DTL shares of Dai Thien Loc JSC had a positive trading week with 3 consecutive ceiling gains. Closing the last session of the week, this code rose 23.24% to 7,900 VND / share.

MSN shares of Masan Group continued to have a sublimation trading week when they recorded an increase of 17.47% this week. However, after a series of hot gaining days, this code turned to decrease, sometimes dropped to the floor in the last session of the week.

In the banking group, the CTG code of VietinBank continued to be the code leading the market last week. At the end of October 16, this ticker price stopped at 31,150 dong / share, increased by 12.66% compared to last week.

The top 10 biggest gainers on HOSE last week also saw some mid-cap stocks floating like VCI (18.53% increase rate), TTF (13.08%), and FLC (11.32%). .

Source: LG compiled from FiinPro

In the opposite direction, small-cap stocks accounted for the majority of the top losers such as HOT (15%), CMV (13.57%), ACL (12.68%), L10 (12.46%), JVC (11.98%), SGR (11.71%), TNC (11.19%).

Starting the decline from the beginning of October, DBC shares of Dabaco Group JSC continued to have negative movements this week, closing October 16 session at VND 40,600 / share, equivalent to a loss of 12.69% in value compared to the week.

CTD shares are still on the slump after information related to internal conflicts and fluctuations in the company’s leadership structure. Accordingly, this code decreased by 11.4% to VND 54,400 when closing the week’s final session with an average liquidity of nearly 2 million units / session.

C69 shows signs of returning to the “starting line”

Similar to HOSE, the number of decliners overwhelmed the HNX with 88 stocks, while 59 stocks stood at reference price and 58 stocks gained.

Source: LG compiled from FiinPro

Stock C69 led the decline rate in the week of October 12-16 when it lost 21.18% of its value with 4 declining sessions and 1 falling floor.

Closing the last session of the week, the price of C69 was at 6,700 dong / share. Thus, after continuously rising hot and maintaining around 9,000 VND / share during September, C69 stock showed signs of returning to “starting line” of 5,000 VND / share.

Other stocks on the HNX with a discount rate below 20% were ACM (20%), BXH (19.44%), DC2 (18.69%), DST (16.67%), NHP (16.67%), SIC (16.03%), KSD (15.22%), HTP (14.58%) and NBW (13.49%).

Among the top 10 gainers, penny MKV and QHD were leading with 32.5% and 23.35% respectively. Other small-cap stocks also increased sharply last week such as HAD, BBS, L43, BST, PPP

MVY shares almost doubled on UPCoM

UPCoM market recorded an overwhelming number of gainers with 123 stocks, while 109 stocks declined and 81 stocks remained unchanged.

Source: LG compiled from Fiinpro

Shares MVY of Vinh Yen Urban Environment and Services took the lead in price increase rate last week with 95.83%. Accordingly, this code gained to the limit for 5 consecutive sessions, closing on October 16 at 9,400 VND / share.

But other codes with an increase rate of less than 40% during the week included CMW (39.68%), ILA (38.24%), PIS (31.67%), and NQN (30.97%). Top 10 stocks with the strongest gain in UPCoM market recorded other cases such as VPR, G36, BMS, GCB and PEQ.

On the downside, DSG shares led the way with a devaluation rate of 46.22%. Following that, two shares LG9 and BT1 decreased 40% and 35.16% respectively. The biggest losers on the UPCoM market also included other stocks such as V15, CCM, PRO, TLP, CAD, VST, and TVA.

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