What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon has been offering a subscription of 2.99 per month for some time now, which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime. This includes fast shipping and (often) cheaper shipping costs, as well as access to Amazon Prime Video‘s huge library. Another benefit comes along in Amazon Prime Photos, which gives you free cloud storage for photos and videos. We will tell you all about those benefits of Amazon Prime here, but in this special we zoom in on Amazon Prime Gaming.

Former Twitch Prime

Amazon Prime Gaming is the new name for Twitch Prime. This allows you to follow the channels of your favorite Twitch gamer and watch their videos without annoying commercials in between. You can save the Twitch broadcasts of your favorite channels. This is also possible without Prime, but then instead of 60 days you only have 14 days to watch the video.

In addition, with Prime Gaming you get access to exclusive channel-specific benefits for subscribers. Think of chat privileges, emoticons such as KappaHD, ScaredyCat and more, chat badges even more. You can also explore extensive options such as adjusting your chat color.

Free games

Amazon Prime Gaming is also a gaming service in addition to the former Twitch. You can compare this a little bit with the Epic Games Store, but slightly different. Prime Gaming offers a number of games that you can purchase on the platform and then download. The great advantage of a Prime Gaming subscription comes in the form of a number of (varying) free games. The offer changes every month and you can ‘claim’ new games to download immediately or later.

You can then download the games, without needing a client as is the case with Steam. After downloading and installing the games, you can play unlimited games on your PC. You do need to link your accounts to your Amazon Prime account in-game.

Tons of free DLC and loot

In addition to the free games, you can also get started with a varying range of free downloadable content for your games. Think of a new Mount for that cool MMORPG, millions in extra cash for GTA Online, a new and exclusive skin for Apex Legends, rewards in Red Dead Online and more.

Much of the loot for Prime Gaming members is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. For example, the Bloodhound: Will of the Allfather skin is only available through Amazon Prime, as is the skin
in trial cards that you can score for Mobile Legends.

Gifts for your friends

Are you someone who likes to spoil his friends? Then you are in the right place with Prime Gaming. One of the advantages is that you can get up to three extra copies of certain content to give away. That way you and up to three of your friends have access to that cool skin, that one character or that very strong Mount.

You can give the gifts away to anyone in your community. You do this via the Twitch Gift Chest, where your friends can then fish it out again. Sharing is caring
and now you can show that in the perfect way with Amazon Prime Gaming.

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