CRMC Annouces Encrypted 510 Cartridges to Help Build Customer Trust

LOS ANGELES – The landscape of 510 cartridges can seem a little like the Wild West, but it doesn’t have to be. A California-based cannabis technology and hardware company CRMC has come up with a way to encrypt cartridges securely—not just the packaging—so the entire production line is traceable, from seed to sale, plus a few extra goodies for the consumer.

The concept comes down to a tamper-evident memory chip that stores every bit of data about the oil inside the cartridge, not just the producer and origin, but stats like THC and CBD content and terpenes. It can hook up to any 510-thread battery, or when connected to CRMC’s battery, it can be easily authenticated.


Security beyond the packaging

“People can put fake QR code on the package and you have no way to authenticate it,” Gerry Ning, Director of Marketing at CRMC. “We feel that is the most secure way to store information, and also the most secure way to make sure your product is the real one. Basically, you can track the origin of the oil.”

A better vaping experience

Safety is important, but so is a great session. When the cartridge communicates with the CRMC battery, it’s not only authenticating, it’s also communicating the best way to vape.

This means there’s no guesswork in figuring out the right temperature for a specific kind of oil—users just pop the cartridge on and start vaping. But for those who like a bit more of a challenge, there are a variety of customization options, too.

For trustworthy producers

CRMC only works with reputable, established oil producers that customers trust to bring a whole new level of safety and comfort to vaping. CRMC cartridges work with the majority of oils, CBD and THC alike. For companies interested in what CRMC offers, just contact CRMC to start a conversation.

About CRMC
CRMC is a responsible vaporization technology and hardware company that perfectly combines anti-counterfeiting technique and automated oil-specific temperature control functionality into one product. Its mission is to build on providing the optimal vaping experience to end users.

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