1000mg Hemp CBD Gummies *Elderberry Infused* (10 Pack)

Hempquarters Inc. Hemp CBD Gummies are a tasty option for your dose of CBD. These flavor packed edibles provide Cannabidiol benefits including; anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, appetite encouragement, just to name a few. Each Glass Jar contains a total amount of 1000mg of CBD, with 10 Hemp CBD Gummies per jar resulting in 100mg of CBD per Gummy. These Extra Strength Hemp CBD Gummies contain no THC making it a perfect way to carry on through a busy day.

What to Expect

Each glass jar carries a variety of flavored gummies, some include Elderberry, that are made from Hempquarters Inc’s In House Recipe. With every gummy, you’ll be enjoying a fruit flavored treat with a gooey texture.

Why Hempquarters Inc. Hemp CBD Gummies?

These gummies are a hit with the Hempquarters customers because they are a quick and aroma-free way to take your CBD. This makes it one of the best options for doses while on the move.


  • Very effective Extra Strength Gummy (100mg of CBD per Gummy)
  • Multiple delicious flavors including Elderberry
  • Gluten Free
  • Lab Tested

Suggested Use

Recommended dose is 1 gummy to start. Depending on tolerance, 2-3 is recommended


Gelatin, Organic Honey, Elderberry (not in all gummies), Hemp CBD Isolate

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