Anyone ever tried CBD products for their animals?


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As the owner of veterinary hospitals, I have to stress the Veterinary Medical Board does not endorse nor approve the use of CBD products. That being said, I cannot say that it does harm. First thing…I don’t know what breed of dog you have, but if it’s not a very large breed dog, you might consider getting some weight off. Next, there are many supplements and NSAIDS available for joint pain. PM me if you want to know a little more about effective, non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Thanks. He is a Berger Blanc Suisse and he is not overweight just quite large
for his breed. I purchased the only OTC pain meds I could find yesterday evening and it’s just aspirin made for dogs.

UPDATE- this morning the limp is much less pronounced and he was very energetic this morning. This could be because we have our first chill of the year and it’s a refreshing 65 degrees outside. Or it could be the combination of the dog aspirin and the CBD and the weather. I feel the CBD mellowed him out as he didn’t move around to different spots during the night (giving his shoulder rest and helping the aspirin relieve inflammation). I am stopping the aspirin unless pain shows up again and the limp becomes more pronounced. Giving him cbd treats (1/2 dosage) and will continue to monitor. I do not plan to use them daily when we get past the limp.

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