THC or CBD for my dog?

I’m just going to flat our dispel a myth, THC isn’t toxic for dogs. They just can’t take as much as you. Let’s just say a bowl gets you super ripped, imagine how you feel if you had five or six times as much at once, not so great.

I’ve got a dog in RSO oil THC, she’s been in it for three years, she gets a bit in a treat once in the morning and once at night. Right now she’s sleeping under my desk cool as a cucumber.

Could you kill a dog with RSO, probably, I mean I’m talking grain of rice twice a day for a thirty pound dog.

In other news CBD also works great, but again too much can fuck your dog up.

Like if my ten pound dog got the same dose she’d puke and then sleep, she gets CBD or a 1/4 grain of rice.

I spent a lot if time researching RSO and dogs. Certainly improved the quality if life for my eleven year old baby. She gets her dose, poops, and then plays for about thirty minutes then crashes for a few hours.

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