The 9 Best Strains for Focus

Green Crack

Did you know that Snoop Dogg named this cannabis strain Green Crack because of its stimulating effects? Well now you do. As Snoop Dogg says, this strain is very stimulating and provides a very intense high. Green Crack is a THC-Dominant strain that’s primary terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and ocimene. Like Cinex, this strain will be stimulating for creative tasks and provide motivation to a dull mind. Do not use this strain if you are experiencing hyperactivity already.

True OG

The final cannabis strain on our list is True OG. True OG is a THC-Dominant strain with primary terpenes of m yrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. If you are looking for a strain to bring down any hyperactivity or distraction, True OG is cannabis users’ go-to. It can help you focus while reducing stress and any anxiety that may be occurring. Start with small doses to see if the effects of True OG will be manageable for you.


As always, make sure to test out these strains before committing to one. What works for some users, may not work for you. Start with small doses, especially if you are new to the cannabis community, and keep track of sensations you feel during your high. If you are looking for something to bring you more stimulation and energy, a THC-dominant cannabis strain will be more beneficial for you. We recommend either Cinex or Green Crack. If you are wanting something to calm you down, stick to something more high CBD or CBD/THC balanced like Harlequin or Harle-Tsu.

We would recommend smoking these strains via a joint or dab pen since the effects will be less intense than using a bong for instance. You don’t want to overdo it and then have the opposite effect of concentration and focus to occur. If you use the dab pen or joint method, you have more control over how much cannabis is being consumed at once making it easier to start with small doses if necessary. You want to maintain clear-headed when focusing on certain tasks, and if you start with a large dose of a strain you may not be used to, the intoxicating effects may be too much to handle.

Overall, these cannabis strains can be great alternatives for some people with attention disorders, or people who generally struggle with focus and concentration because cannabis sharpens the senses in the mind and body.

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