What To Know About Cannabis In Las Vegas

What To Know About Cannabis In Las Vegas 3

We all know that Las Vegas is a place to have fun and forget about your troubles. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? What to know about cannabis in Las Vegas will be on the mind of most visitors and residents who partake in the recreational or medicinal use of cannabis. Since cannabis is now legal for recreational use in Las Vegas, many people want to get the most out of using it. So long as you are over 21 years old, you can purchase cannabis items easily and legally.

Even though it’s completely legal to purchase cannabis in Las Vegas, there are a few things any cannabis consumer should know.

How Much Cannabis Can You Purchase In Las Vegas?

Just because cannabis is legal doesn’t mean you’re able to purchase it in large quantities. State law allows a single user to purchase one ounce of cannabis flower per day.

As for concentrates, you can only purchase one-eighth of an ounce per day. Concentrates include shatter, oil, rosin, and wax. Edibles are in the same category of concentrates for this law.

What happens if you break the guidelines on Cannabis quantity? You could face a fine of up to $600, if you are a first-time offender. This is a pretty significant fine for a first time offense and can really ruin a trip to Las Vegas, so we recommend avoiding the possibility of the fine altogether.

Where To Purchase Cannabis In Las Vegas

After learning that it’s legal to purchase recreational cannabis, your next step is probably figuring out where to buy some. Although there are many cannabis dispensaries in the Las Vegas area, NuLeaf Boutique Dispensary is the best resource to not only purchase cannabis, but also to learn what to know about cannabis in Las Vegas.

In order to purchase cannabis for recreational purposes, you must provide a valid ID upon entering a dispensary. The cashiers serving you must verify that you are 21 years or older. Luckily, out of state licenses and passports are still accepted in dispensaries; as long as the dispensary is able to verify that your ID is valid and that you are 21 or older, you’ll be permitted inside the dispensary.

What To Know About Cannabis In Las Vegas 2
What To Know About Cannabis In Las Vegas 2

Can I carry cannabis in my car?

When it comes to what to know about cannabis in Las Vegas, knowing when and where to use your purchased products is extremely important. It’s legal for you to carry it in your car, however, you should not be smoking it before or while operating a vehicle. You’re also not legally permitted to carry more than the maximum purchase amount mentioned above.

cannabis can make you feel disoriented and can impact your reaction time. Never use cannabis before operating a vehicle or other heavy and dangerous machinery or equipment.

Las Vegas residents are legally allowed to smoke in their private residence. Remember not to “light up” while in public. This even means there is no use of cannabis while in public parks, casinos, or even hotels.

Looking for medical cannabis?

The legalization of recreational cannabis does not mean the end of medical cannabis. There are people who genuinely need medical cannabis to deal with severe medical conditions. NuLeaf dispensary is a great place to get your medication. You simply have to show us your medical card, and your recreational tax will be waived, you’ll also skip the line.

Visit NuLeaf Today

NuLeaf stands out to be a top company in providing you with the best cannabis products legally for medicinal and recreational use. We have a variety of cannabis products including edibles, concentrates, and premium cannabis buds cultivated in-house. It all comes down to what you enjoy. Our highly-trained staff will guide you through the process of getting the best cannabis product and how to properly consume it.

If you still have questions regarding what to know about cannabis in Las Vegas, we are always happy to help. Call or visit us today!



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