Paraphernalia charge??

Basically, a cop watched someone jump in my car and saw me do a quick loop, Then drop him back off. He then proceeded to follow me and I knew what was happening, and then pulled me over after Like 5 mins. He was an undercover detective in an unmarked Dodge ram pick up. All he found was a bowl and a light in this small Tupperware container, and now he wants me to be an informant? Or take the charge lol. I would have to bust 3 people successfully with him And set them up. I’m not that kind of person it seems weird to me, I can go a lot more into detail if need be. He didn’t show me a badge or charge me with anything though out the process. He just said it was either I eat the charge or I help with with the busts. We also left my car and jumped in his truck , He also wrote down his “last name and “Det” in front of it, with his number and no area code. He said he was a state cop for awhile. I Feel like it was cool I could get off the hook somehow but like I said I can’t do that, and he was after a lot of the harder sfuff which I understand but damn he wanted to know. He did take my license and run it some how I’d say, there was no computer but he like “called it off” like idk. Can he even legally charge me for the paraphernalia now, since he didn’t on the spot? I’m going call a lawyer tomrrow and ask what I should I do lmao. Any thoughts ?? No disrespect please I’m just curious.

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