Strange Impacts

Hey, this could appear strange, but i’d like to explain. I’ve smoked i’ve always loved weed and enjoyed it, but recently (this past year since August 2020) I have been getting really terrible chest pain when I smoke weed since I was a sophomore in high school (I’m 21 now. But the strange thing is, it isn’t chest pain I can smoke fine for a few days or weeks, and then suddenly I’ll wake up with a really painful chest pain as I am smoking, such as when taking a big hit or getting resin in your lungs. It comes down and goes, and feels as though a knife being stuck right under my rib that is first on left side of my chest. At first it was so bad I went to the hospital, they did tests, chest xrays, echocardiograms, and blood, this happened so much that I was dying that I rushed to the hospital a few times thinking. The thing that is strange, when I stop smoking I no longer get these painful chest pains. I’ve quit for 4 months with no chest pains, and more recently for a month following the recurrence of the chest pain that is same. We utilized to smoke cigarettes vapes, and cigarettes but also have quite those now for approximately half per year. I’m seeing a cardiologist now to find things away, but he does not appear to be finding much. I really like weed. Its certainly one of my activities that are favorite but considering this chest pain only happens when I am smoking, I have been forced to stop smoking it entirely. Can anyone help me? I’m so desperate for answers, I really love this plant it has helped me so much and it up for the rest of my life crushes me though i can quit for a few months the thought of giving. Many thanks a great deal for reading, and sorry if here is the incorrect spot, i don’t use Reddit a great deal, and also this appeared like an excellent place that is enough. Thanks for any responses, I appreciate any of the help I can get.

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