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Flora Farms announced the grand opening of its dispensary on December 31, 2020, New Year’s Eve, near you. It is the dispensary that is first start in Newton County, Missouri! If you have your card that is medical can visit them at 890 W Harmony Street in Neosho.

Flora Farms was awarded both dispensary and cultivation licenses (vertical-integration) by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS.) Consequently, Flora Farms has numerous areas, including Neosho, Humansville, and Springfield.MarijuanaAccording to your people at Flora Farms, “Flora Farms is specialized in providing Missouri’s health cannabis cardholders with world-class, top-quality

services and products to aid manage their underlying medical dilemmas plus the symptoms that accompany them. You live a healthier, happier life free from the pains associated with your conditions. whether it’s chronic pain or PTSD, we’re here to help” cannabisFlora Farms dispensary currently offers medical

flower, Robhots & Wana Edibles, and pre-rolls by CLOVR.

The Harmony Neosho dispensary is located in Neosho within Newton County (county seat) and has a population of 11,835.

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Shops Near You in Neosho, MOcannabisFind medical marijuana dispensaries near you in Neosho. The Flora Farms dispensary is 7-days that are open week. Furthermore, they feature online browsing of the fine


Flora Farms that is dispensary, MO — Newton County

890 W Harmony Street, Neosho MO 64850

Hours of Operation:

Monday–Sunday: 10 a.m.– 6 p.m.

(417) 312-2971

Flora Farms Dispensary in Neosho, MO (Newton County)MarijuanaFind Medical

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Residents of Missouri can now exercise their rights by following Amendment 2 and qualify for growing and purchasing at medical marijuana dispensaries in MO!Amendment 2

passed on November 6, 2018.MarijuanaWhen Should You Renew Your Medical

Card in MO?Patients in Missouri should submit renewals within the 30 to the 60-day window before their ID expires


The DHSS requests 30-days to process your application.cannabisIf You submit with less than 30-days until your ID expires, there may be a right time whenever you cannot buy your medical


Note: Clients may nevertheless restore following the mark that is 30-dayMarijuanaComplete List of All Medical

Dispensaries in MissouriWant to find a list that is complete of the dispensaries available in Missouri? Join Elevate Holistics and celebrate “ Theyear of Missouri Dispensaries Grand Openings

!”View a full variety of most of the dispensaries authorized to use towards you in Missouri(.(* that is*)

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